TV channels join the analysis of AT&T-Time Warner merger in Brazil

Brazil’s Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade) authorized the participation of Simba (Record, SBT, RedeTV), ESPN, Discovery, FOX and NeoTV association in the process that analyzes the acquisition of Time Warner by AT&T.

According to Teletime, the antitrust watchdog considered the arguments presented by the applicant companies, which stated that they will be affected by the operation. Now, they will have 15 days to present their conclusions and studies on the issue.

In this sense, Simba claims that the operation could affect the market of content distribution for pay TV, directly impacting on the interests of the company.

International TV Networks ESPN, FOX and Discovery claim that they compete directly with Time Warner (owner of Turner and HBO) in the distribution of content, and at the same time, have commercial agreements with SKY Brazil, which is controlled by AT&T. FOX not only competes with Turner in basic pay TV packages, but also with HBO in the Premium segment.

In turn, NeoTV, an association that gathers about 130 companies, said that it is responsible for the purchase of content for independent pay TV operators, so both the activity of NeoTV and its associated operators will be affected by the operation.