TV Azteca reports 12% growth in ad sales

Mexico’s TV Azteca announced last week its financial results for the second quarter. Net sales for Q217 were MX$ 3,726 million (USD 212.8 million), 9% higher than previous year. Domestic advertising sales grew 12% to MX$ 3,200 million (USD 182.8 million) “as a result of the generation of cutting-edge formats that captivated large audiences within the full day”, said the company in its report.

“Bold and innovative formats that reached the audiences our clients seek to achieve translated into strong advertising sales growth in Mexico during the quarter,” said Benjamín Salinas, CEO of TV Azteca.

TV Azteca reported EBITDA of MX$ 1,156 million (USD 66 million), 2% higher compared to Q216. Operating profit was of MX$ 897 million (51.2 million), up 9% from previous year, while the company registered a net profit of MX$ 58 million (USD 3.3 million), compared to a net loss of MX$ 522 million (USD 29.8 million) for the same quarter of 2016.

TV Azteca registered sales from Azteca America ̶ the company’s wholly-owned broadcast television network focused on the U.S. Hispanic market ̶ of MX& 329 million (USD 18.8) this quarter. Revenue from TV Azteca Guatemala and TV Azteca Honduras was MX$ 15 million (USD 857,000) and from Peru was MX$ 88 million (USD 5 million).

Content sales to other countries were MX$ 94 million (USD 5.4 million in the period, from MX$ 30 (USD 1.7 million) in the previous year; “revenue for the quarter resulted, in a great extent, from the commercialization of the shows Lo Que Callamos las Mujeres in Latin America, and Los Rey in Europe and Africa, as well as the sale of TV Azteca content to pay TV channels in the rest of the world”.