Turner launches gaming streaming service Gloud in Chile

Turner Latin America announced the launch of its gaming streaming service Gloud in Chile. The platform allows users to access a game catalog, without the need to have a console. The monthly subscription costs CH$ 7,735 (USD 12.7).
Gloud was initially launched in Argentina, in December 2017, and now it has extended its reach to Chile. Turner has already announced that the next step will be to launch the service in more markets in Latin America. According to Aksel van der Wal, EVP of Digital Ventures & Innovations at Turner International, in Argentina the product had a “fantastic reception” during these first three months. “We know that in Chile there is nothing with these features and, after carrying out a successful Beta stage in the country, we trust that it will be very well received.”
The platform aims to “massify the gaming experience”. With a stable connection of 8 Mbps or more, Gloud allows users to play at 720p and 30 FPS, with all the graphic options to the maximum, regardless of the video card of each computer. Some of the titles available in the catalog are “Mad Max”, “Batman Arkham City”, “Life is Strange”, “LEGO Harry Potter” and “Rise of the Tomb Raider”, among others.