Turner consolidates content production strategy

Turner Latin America has already produced more than 9,500 hours of content for its entertainment brands, its free-to-air TV channel Chilevisión, and for third-party players, just one year after opening its integral production department.
Some of the titles are “Privet Russia” for TNT Sports and “Un pequeño gran viaje” for TNT. Among the titles of integral entertainment production for third parties are “Pasapalabra”, which also has a version for Chile, and “Bake Off”, the first adaptation in Spanish of the popular format licensed by BBC Studios and produced by Turner Latin America.
In the fiction for TV segment, new series will launch in October, such as the new Argentine co-production “Otros Pecados” (El Trece, TNT and Cablevisión), the Mexican “Por la máscara” (Space) and the second season of “Un gallo para Esculapio”.
These series join other titles such as “El Lobista” (El Trece, TNT and Cablevisión), “Rua Augusta” (TNT), “Pacto de sangre” (Space Brazil), “El César” (Space), “La fragilidad de los cuerpos” and “El Maestro” (El Trece , TNT and Cablevisión).
On free-to-air TV, Chilevisión -owned by the Turner group- has 86% of its programming with content originally produced. This includes both news and titles such as “The Wall”, “The Divina Comida” and the aforementioned “Pasapalabra” and “Bake Off”.
“The production of original high quality content is an essential pillar of our business, so in less than a year we made a strategic transformation within the company and went from being distributors and packagers to become a comprehensive content producer” commented Tomás Yankelevich, EVP & Chief Content Officer, General Entertainment of Turner Latin America.
“While we continue to buy movies and series from major Hollywood studios, we decided to bet on our own production as it positions us much better in an industry where content has a superlative value and is the differential when it comes to thinking about strategies cross-platform, controlling intellectual property rights, “he added.