Turner, Cablevisión, Pol-Ka ink 10-year co-production deal

Turner, Cablevisión and the Argentine production company Pol-Ka announced they have signed a 10-year co-production agreement. The announcement was made during the presentation of the new miniseries “La fragilidad de los cuerpos”.

Under this new deal, the companies plans to produce two series per year. “La fragilidad de los cuerpos” is the first miniseries produced by the three companies. Previously, Pol-Ka and TNT had already worked together on TV series “Signos”.

The new miniseries is based on the novel of the same name by Sergio Olguín and will be released on Wednesday June 7 by TV broadcaster ElTrece. The next day, it will be available on pay TV channel TNT and the TV platform Everywhere TNT GO. In addition, the complete season will be available on Cablevisión’s VOD platform (Channel 1 in HD service) and Cablevision Flow, once the first episode ends on free-to-air TV.

Cablevisión, TNT and Pol-Ka are already working in the new co-production titled “El Maestro”, which will premiere later this year.