TIM offers bonus data for using video services

Brazilian mobile operator TIM (Telecom Italia) updated its TIM Black postpaid plans, which now have more internet – up to 50 GB – and an additional bonus to watch videos on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Looke, Cartoon Network Já! and Esporte Interativo Plus.

Through this update, TIM added more data – automatically and at no additional cost – to the TIM Pós Plus, TIM Família and Da Vinci packages. The agreement with Cartoon Network and Esporte Interativo includes the monthly subscription of the services in the TIM Pós C, D and E Plus plans. All three also include the Looke subscription. In contrast, Netflix is sold separately in all plans.

According to the company, with the changes, the plans now have two Internet packages. For example, those users with TIM Pós B Plus, with 5 GB, now have 7GB of internet and another 7GB for streaming video.

Customers of other plans that want to subscribe video services will have discounts on the monthly subscriptions. Looke will cost R$ 3.60 (USD 1) per week or R$ 14.60 (USD 4.4) per month. Cartoon Network Já! and Esporte Interativo Plus will have a price of R$ 4.99 (USD 1.5) per week or R$ 9.99 (USD 3) and R$ 14.99 (USD 4.5) per month, respectively.