TIM expands FTTH network in Brazil

Brazilian telecommunications company TIM has launched FTTH services – under the brand TIM Live – in Goiânia, in the state of Goiás. This is the second capital city (outside Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro), where it launches this product (the first one was Salvador in Bahia).
The deployment in Goiânia includes 83 neighborhoods, which concentrate about 570,000 people, 30% of the population of that city. The company offers download speeds of 100 mbps to 2 GB, with prices starting at R$ 130 (USD 31.2). The offer includes video services from partners such as Fox, Esporte Interativo, Cartoon Network and Looke.
“Every offer, with very competitive prices, will have its content package and Online TV. The offer with 150 mbps, for example, includes 14 channels of Fox, Esporte Interativo and Cartoon Network for R$ 160 (USD 38.4) per month. All services can be purchased in isolation, so the consumer is free to make the best combination, it is a very relevant cost-benefit, a market differential,” said Fabiano Ferreira, Head of the Residential & PME unit.
TIM started offering fixed broadband initially in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro with FTTC technology. The company then started to deploy FTTH and will replace the old FTTC network in the medium or short term. Currently, TIM Live has a subscriber base of 415,000 clients, as reported by Tele.Síntese.