The OTT Amazon Primes adds more live sports contents


Amazon Prime Video is broadcasting live the matches of the Next Generation ATP Finals tennis tournament. This content is available for subscribers in more than 200 countries, including all Latin America. This is the second time that the OTT broadcasts live sporting events, as it is also broadcasting Thursday Night Football games of the NFL.

Next Generation ATP Finals gathers the best tennis players under 21 years. This year’s is the first edition of the tournament. It is being played in Milan, Italy and consists of 16 matches. All of them will be streamed by Amazon Prime Video.

In most Latin American countries, the streaming service has a promotional rate of USD 2.99 for the first semester. Afterwards, it rises to USD 5.99. The exception is Brazil, where Amazon Prime Video began to charge in local currency a few days ago. As a consequence of the conversion, the fee has slightly decreased for that country. In Mexico and in the Latin American territories dependent of the US, the OTT is included in the Amazon Prime service.