The OTT Amazon Prime Video starts charging in local currency in Brazil

The OTT Amazon Prime Video introduced a series of modification in its service in order to get more subscribers in the Brazilian market. In first place, the fee for the video service will now be charged in Reales, the local currency. It also began accepting national credit cards, as it only used to allow international ones. The platform is also adding more content in Portuguese, both subtitled and dubbed.

As a result of the shift to the payment in local currency, Brazilian subscribers were benefited with a decrease in the subscription prices. Before this change, the monthly fee was USD 3 for the first six months and USD 6 afterwards. Now it is USD 2, 38 for the first semester and USD 4, 49 after that period of time.

Amazon Prime Video was launched in Brazil in December 2016. Nowadays, the users of this service have the option to download the contents to watch them offline. The platform is available for smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.