The businessman Luksic becomes the owner of 100% of Canal 13 of Chile by buying the part that was missing

Chilean businessman Andrónico Luksic bought 33% of Canal 13 of Chile from Universidad Católica, thus becoming the only owner of the FTA TV station. Luksic had acquired the remaining 67% in 2010 by paying USD 55 million, while now he had to pay USD 10 million.

According to the General Manager of TV Medios (Luksic company), Rodrigo Terré, the idea is to make an investment in the channel of about USD 32 million, which “will allow the company to face the restructuring plan that is being executed and have the funds it needs to carry out its operation, in addition to reducing its short-term debt.”

At the Catholic University, the triggers that made the decision were “the uncertain and risky scenario that the TV industry lives” and “the significant capital contributions that the channel needs to assume its financial commitments and investment projects,” explained the educational institution in a statement.

The Catholic University was the founding entity of Channel 13, channel that began its transmissions in regular form in 1961 with the main objective of transmitting the World Cup of soccer that was disputed in Chile in 1962.