Televisa signs deal with Taboola to implement content discovery

Televisa announced a strategic alliance with leading discovery platform Taboola that will allow it to expand the territory where its contents can be seen, personalizing its digital audiences.

This is Televisa’s first alliance of this kind. The company will incoporate “predictive algorithmic technology,with the goal of increasing revenue through sponsored content that strengthens the loyalty of users”, the company said in a statement.

Taboola serves over 360 billion editorial and video recommendations to over 1 billion unique visitors every month on some of the Web’s most innovative publisher sites. The company analyzes hundreds of real-time signals, including location, device type, referral source, social media trends and more, to match users with content they are most likely to be interested in consuming next.

According to Ricardo Carvajal, Digital Managing Director of Televisa, “as digital media consumption continues to grow more prominent in Mexico, the need to expand our business online – beyond broadcast- is more important than ever before”.

Recently, Televisa acquired 50% of SDP Noticias, one of the most visited sites in Mexico, expanding its presence in the online market.