Televisa announces reactivation of its share repurchase program

Grupo Televisa announced its intention to reactivate the share repurchase program previously approved by the board of directors. This way, the company may acquire stock subject to legal, market and other business conditions at the time of purchase.

In addition, the top executives of the company, including the co-Chief Executive Officers, collectively intend to invest approximately USD 8 million in the purchase of shares of Televisa common stock on the open market.

“This share repurchase program reflects the confidence of the Board in the strength of our businesses, the great value that Televisa’s assets have, and our solid growth prospects,” commented Bernardo Gomez and Alfonso de Angoitia, who were recently appointed as co-Chief Executive Officers of Televisa effective January 1, 2018. “In addition to the repurchase program, we have decided to personally invest in our stock together with our team since we strongly believe in our ability to execute on our strategic plan and drive value for our shareholders.”