Telehit redefines its programming strategy

Starting July 3, pay TV channel Telehit (Televisa Networks) will renew its programming with new show hosts and more interactive content for linear TV, social networks and its official website.

In a statement, Televisa reported that the TV channel will feature linear and non-linear content integrating music, comedy and entertainment into its programming.

Followers in social networks and internet will access exclusive productions such as: “Viste mi Chiste”, “Ke Sigue”, “Altavoz “, “Pysto” and “5 Mentadas de Guarumo”. In social networks, Telehit has more than 14 million followers.

In linear TV, the new shows will be “¼ Pop”, “Trenders”, “Stand Wars”, “Filmaniaco”, “Bala Perdida” and “Un Show no tan Late “.


“Telehit will be the first channel with an original interactive content platform in the world,” said Carlos Murguía, general producer of the channel.