Telefónica signs deal to offer Amazon Prime Video in Brazil


Brazilian telecommunications company Vivo (Telefónica) announced that it has signed an agreement with Amazon to offer Prime Video as an additional service. As part of the deal, the operator’s fixed and mobile customers will gain free access to the platform for three months. In addition, subscription can be paid through Vivo bill.
“With this launch, Vivo becomes the first telecommunications operator in Latin America to offer Prime Video as an additional service option for its customers’ plans,” the company said in a press release. In August, several media reported that both companies were negotiating an agreement.
To subscribe to the platform, mobile clients have to send an SMS with the word AMAZON. Pay TV, broadband and fixed telephony subscribers must enter the site and follow the instructions. After the initial three months of promotion, the subscription costs R$ 7.90 (USD 1.9, for the following six months) and R$ 14.90 (USD 3.6, from the tenth month).
This initiative is part of the company’s strategy to add more OTT services to its offer. In May, Telefónica announced an alliance to integrate Netflix into its TV and Video platforms worldwide. In Brazil, Vivo recently signed an agreement to offer the NFL Game Pass service to its mobile users.
At the end of Q218, Telefónica had 97.8 million customers in Brazil, of which 75.3 million correspond to mobile services and 22.5 million to the fixed business (13.5 million voice accesses, 7.4 millions broadband accesses and 1.6 million pay TV accesses).