Telefonica makes GVT disappear in Brazil to incorporate everything under the Vivo brand


Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica in Brazil informed through a press release that it ended the 10-month integration process of telephony and internet company GVT and adopted Vivo as its sole trademark.


Starting April 15th, all GVT subscribers in Brazil will become incorporated under the Vivo brand, which will be used to identify all services offered by the company: Pay-TV, broadband, mobile and fixed telephony.


The company invested USD 7.2 million to change uniforms, fleet, sales material, equipment and facades, as well as specific IT and engineering operations. Vivo’s optic fiber network is present in 186 cities with 16.7 million households that can hire broadband and Pay-TV.


“We have worked hard so that the union of the companies really brings value to customers, employees, shareholders, and also for the country itself, which will receive more investments, since we have become a stronger and more capitalized company”, stated the CEO of Telefonica in Brazil, Amos Genish.