Telefonica expands FTTH and focuses on IPTV

In its third quarter report, Telefónica highlighted the growth of its FTTH network in markets such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia, where the strategy is to continue with the fiber deployment for Ultra Broadband and IPTV/OTT services. The total pay TV base in Latin America reached 4.8 million.
In Argentina, retail broadband accesses decreased by 10% y-o-y to 1.5 million affected by the loss of copper accesses due to the focus on fibre deployment, highlighting the launch of the 300MB symmetrical fibre offer in the quarter.
Thus, accesses connected to FTTx networks were multiplied by 2.2x y-o-y to reach 417,000. The company accelerated the FTTH deployment in the quarter and reached 1.9 million premises passed. Telefónica recentply launched pay TV in Argentina, and reported 1,400 accesses of this service.
In Brazil, fixed broadband accesses registered 7.5 million customers in Q318, 0.3% more than in 3Q17. The UBB customer base grew 9.9% over Q317, reaching 4.9 million accesses, 1.7 million of which in FTTH technology, 45.4% more than in the previous year.
In Chile, broadband accesses reflected the loss in copper accesses (-1,5%), however the company highlighted the performance in FTTH (+91% y-o-y), with 65,000 net additions in the quarter and 299,000 premises connected (1.0m premises passed; 1.7m with FTTx). Pay TV accesses decreased by 2% and reached 670,000, due to the focus on IPTV (132,000 registered accesses) and Movistar Play (93,000 active accesses in the last 90 days).
In Peru, broadband accesses reached 1.9 million (+10% y-o-y), with “remarkable growth” in FTTx and cable accesses (+44), 74k connected in the quarter with FTTH. Pay TV accesses increased by 13% y-o-y and reached 1.5 milllion.
In Colombia, the fixed business continued its transformation process with the connection of 22,000 FTTH fibre accesses in the quarter thanks to the acceleration in the network deployment (1,08 million premises passed with FTTx as of September; of which 44% with FTTH).