Telefonica to expand FTTH network to 19 cities in Brazil this year

Telefónica plans to deploy FTTH in 19 Brazilian cities during this year. The project will start once the company is authorized to convert its fines into investments. In this case, the investment figure is R$ 4.5 billion (USD 1.4 billion) until 2020.

As agreed in the Term of Conduct Adjustment (TAC in Portuguese), Telefónica will have to cover 100 new cities with fiber by 2020, according to local news site Telesíntese. The president of the operator, Eduardo Navarro, said that the effort will be gigantic since last year the company implemented fiber only in two cities: Timóteo, (Minas Gerais) and Cachoeiro Sul (Rio Grande do Sul). Currently, the group – which includes GVT operations – has 180 cities with fiber optics.

The company will also invest in fixed broadband and 3G and 4G networks. This year, Telefónica plans to invest R$ 8 billion (USD 2.5 billion) and R$ 24 billion (USD 7.5 billion) through 2019, including the R$ 4.5 billion in fines.