Telefonica ended Q2 with 4.6 million pay TV accesses in Latin America

Telefonica announced its financial results for the second quarter, 2017. The company reported 4.6 million pay TV accesses in Latin America, including 1.6 million of its operation in Brazil. The pay TV base fell by 1.3% compared to previous year, driven by the drop in DTH customers in Brazil (which is reported separately from the rest of Latin America).

However, in Hispanoamérica (which includes the rest of Latam countries) pay TV accesses increased by 1.9% to 2.96 million, with net additions of 19,000 accesses in the quarter. Telefónica registered year-on-year growth in Peru, Chile and Colombia.

In Chile, pay TV accesses grew by 2% y-o-y to 670,000, with net additions of 13,000.  Pay TV business in Peru increased by 5% (YoY) up to 1.3 million accesses, with net additions of 12,000 accesses in April-June “leveraged on the exclusivity of the football offer”.

The company reported that in Colombia “the bundling strategy in the fixed business continued to be successfully executed, leveraged on pay TV, which recorded 529,000 accesses, up 2% from previous year, with net additions of 4,000 accesses in the quarter.

Telefónica does not report Venezuela separately and only includes it in the category “other countries”. In this segment, the company reported 453,000 pay TV accesses (-5.3%). In May, Telefónica launched DTH in Nicaragua, so it is speculated that clients of this operation are reported within this segment.