Telefonica Brasil focuses on IPTV, phases out standalone DTH


Telefonica Brasil, which operates under the Vivo brand, confirmed that it is focusing its pay TV strategy on IPTV through the deployment of FTTH. The company wants to expand this service outside of Sao Paulo. Meanwhile, the DTH is now only marketed in triple play bundles.

According to Brazilian site Tele.Sintese, during a conference with analysts to present the results of the second quarter, Christian Gebara, Telefonica’s CRO (Chief Revenue Officer), confirmed that the pay TV strategy no longer includes the commercialization of standalone DTH.

Gebara said that in regions where the company does not have IPTV and the customer wants the triple play, the solution will include DTH. “What we are not forcing anymore is to have a strategy that is focused for instance, in voice with DTH or DTH standalone”.

In Q217, Vivo’s total pay TV base fell 6.5% compared to the previous year and reached 1.6 million customers. However, IPTV accesses grew 65.4% YoY and already account for 20% of the total pay TV base. In turn, IPTV revenues grew 65.4%.