Telefónica brings services under Movistar brand in Argentina

Telefónica formally announced that it has unified all its products in Argentina, which include internet and mobile and fixed telephony, under the commercial brand Movistar. The change seeks to “simplify the access and management of solutions” for the clients, said the company in a statement.
With the change, Speedy Internet services and fixed telephony services are now called Movistar, as NexTV News Latam previously reported. At the same time, the customer service channels, both face-to-face and digital, are now integrated to “provide a unified, agile and comprehensive experience”. This new initiative does not modify the contracted plans nor does it imply the completion of any procedure by the client, the company explained.
The company also said that the Telefónica brand now has an exclusively institutional role. In turn, the solutions for the business and Government segments will continue to be marketed under the Telefónica Business Solutions brand.
The change was announced under the slogan: “We have everything to connect us. Choose everything.” According to Romina Battista, manager of Communication and Brand, “the concept refers to the different devices that we use to be connected daily, but, above all, it focuses on human connections. Movistar connects people with everything that is important to them: dreams, projects, entertainment. A world of possibilities for our customers to choose. And this is what we seek to communicate by unifying our offer of services under the same brand.”