Telefónica Brasil to take IPTV to all cities with FTTH during this year

During the Investor Day event held this week in New York, Christian Gebara, COO of Telefónica Brasil, said that by mid-2018 the IPTV service will be available in all the cities where the company offers FTTH. For this initiative, Telefónica has already reported that it will invest heavily in the country.
The company expects to reach around 3 million subscribers in 2020 of its package with broadband, IPTV and OTTs, and reach 36 million home passed, according to Tele.Síntese. Currently, the FTTH network is available in 87 cities, all with a population over 100,000 people. The plan is to expand the network to 400 cities, including those with more than 50,000 people. Telefónica has already started an acceleration plan for the fiber network, which includes investments of R$ 2.5 billion (USD 766 million) until 2020.
During its expansion plan, Gebara said that the company will select the most favorable competitive areas. In this process, Telefónica plans to expand its backbone 4,200 km. The company expects to reach R$ 1 billion in additional UBB revenues in 2020. At the end of Q417, the IPTV service was available in 64 cities.