Telecom Argentina offers three months of Netflix free of charge to its mobile and broadband customers


Telecommunications Company Telecom Argentina (Fintech) launched a promotion offering three months of free access to the US OTT Netflix to all of its mobile (Personal) and broadband (Arnet) customers.


In a press release, Telecom informed that the promotion is valid for customers who purchase a mobile line with Personal Black plan for USD USD32.2, USD38.8 or USD45.4 monthly. For Arnet’s clients, it is available for those who subscribe to 20MB, 30MB or 50MB plans or extend their current plans. In both cases, customers will have access to Netflix in HD for two devices.


It is noteworthy that both Personal and Arnet already offer their own streaming video services: Personal Video and Arnet Play.


Telecom Argentina is one of the two incumbent telecom companies in Argentina. It is owned by Fintech, which acquired last March the participation held by Telecom Italia as controller of the Argentine company. Personal is the third operator of the mobile telephony, while is the third fixed broadband provider of the country in number of subscribers.