TCC highlights the importance of content integration

In an interview during NexTV Series South America, Javier Ruete, General Manager of the Uruguayan operator TCC spoke about the integration of content from multiple providers and the future challenges in the TV market.

According to the executive, “in the coming years, the challenges of pay TV will be related to the rights management” in a context with new consumption habits in multiple devices, as there are currently “titles that are available in TV but not in mobile or in the mobiles but not in the set-top boxes. “

Currently, the operator combines its linear service with the TCC VIVO platform, which allows access to content through smartphones, tablets or STBs.

According to Ruete, when the clients consume content through the STB, they remains more than 55 minutes watching it, in tablets around 20 minutes, and in cell phones about 7 minutes. “We encourage consumption in STBs although we offer all possible consumption.”

“We try to look for those elements that give more value to the final consumer, understanding that the value of what we do is in the possibility of offering content from a generator to a customer who does not usually consume it. There is a lot of content that can be interesting and the user does not even know it exists. The role of the operator who has evolved is to be able to make that mix of suggestions between different providers or between different subscriptions.

In this regard, Ruete referred to content providers that decide to reach the consumer “through Apple and Google platforms.” “I think they will find very big challenge there. I find value in this because content generators are going to discover the difficulties that exist for the user to consume their content.”