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Venezuela takes CNN en Español offline

Venezuela’s government Wednesday ordered pay TV operators to take CNN en Español off the air. The Venezuelan National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) has opened an administrative sanctioning proceeding against CNN en Español for alleged “direct aggressions that infringe peace and democratic stability of the country. According to the TV network, the decision came after CNN en [...]

TNT to premiere “Hugo Chávez, el comandante”

Pay TV channel TNT announced that the series “Hugo Chávez, El Comandante”, inspired by the life of the Venezuelan leader, will be released next January 31. It will also be available on the TV Everywhere platform TNTGO in live streaming and catch up. This Sony Pictures Televisions production will run from Monday to Friday at [...]

Venezuela has almost 1 million DTT receivers

Since 2012, Venezuelan Government has distributed for free 600,000 DTT receivers under the ISDB-T standard. This number adds to the 330,000 DTT receivers and 60,000 TV Sets with an embedded receiver that were acquired privately by the population. The number was provided by Adriana Hidalgo, president of the governmental RedTV, through Venelozana de Television. The [...]

Cantv moves forward with its fiber optic network in Venezuela

  The state-owned telecommunications company Cantv from Venezuela has completed the construction of 5,700 Km of fiber-optic network, of which 4,700 Km are already lit with 176 nodes serving 15,000 subscribers. This initiative is part of Eighth Project of Universal Telecommunications Service (Opsut in Spanish), promoted by the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel).   In the second [...]

DirecTV to increase prices in Venezuela

DTH company DirecTV (AT&T) will increase the price of its TV packages in Venezuela from August 14, reported local media. Other pay TV operators like Netuno and Inter have already increased their prices in the country.   Postpaid plan called Bronce Más (80 channels) will rise from Bs. 364 (USD 36.4 using Dipro rate, USD [...]

Inter and Netuno to increase prices in Venezuela

  Pay TV operators Inter and Netuno from Venezuela have announced through several national newspapers an increase in prices of all their services, starting August 1, as they will be recalculated using Dicom rate (about Bs. 600 per dollar).   Inters Family Plan (cable service) will increase from Bs 627 to Bs 2,257. In its [...]

Conatel of Venezuela to evaluate the elimination of international channels from Pay-TV operators

  The National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) of Venezuela will summon the Pay-TV operators and programmers to evaluate the removal of international channels from their grids and address issues of quality of service, stated the Director General of the agency, William Castillo, to the local press.   “We are making a follow up of the effects [...]

Pay-TV in Venezuela grew relatively in 2015 despite the national economic contraction

  The National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) of Venezuela presented a report for the fourth quarter of 2015 in which it registered that the Pay-TV market in that country grew relatively by 10.54% annually (in local currency), with an increase in operating income of 14.4%.   The set of subscription TV operators totaled 5,019,597 subscribers, 478,768 [...]

Cantv of Venezuela removed 13 international signals from its Satellite TV service

  Compania Anonima Nacional de Telefonos de Venezuela (Cantv) removed without a previous announcement up to 13 sports and entertainment international channels from the grid of its Satellite TV service, informed local newspaper El Nacional.   According to user complaints made via social network Twitter, it was unveiled that the company had replaced a fraction [...]