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Argentine MSO Telecentro stated 525 thousand TV subs

Argentine MSO Telecentro has 525 thousand cable TV subscribers, revealed for the first time its owner Alberto Pierri, in an interview with local newspaper Infobae. In addition, he added that in total they have 850 thousand subscribers among their TV, Internet and telephony services. The businessman acknowledged that they are noticing a declining trend of [...]

Chilean FTA network UCV TV is now TV+

From this November 21, FTA network UCV TV of Chile stopped calling itself like this to make way for its new denomination TV+. This change of name was already being devised by Media 23 Spa company when it acquired 90% of the channel in mid-2017 (the remaining 10% was kept by Catholic University of Valparaíso). [...]

TSTT of Trinidad and Tobago in a large job cuts

IPTV, Internet and telephony operator TSTT of Trinidad and Tobago announced the dismissal of 503 unionized workers. This means a “turning point” for the company, said CEO Ronald Walcott, who considered this measure “vital to the survival of the company.” The job cuts will not end here, since it is estimated that the next layoffs [...]

Chilean CDF to broadcast two additional channels for the local soccer ending

The Chilean premium channel El Canal del Fútbol decided to issue two additional channels during the next weekend (November 24 and 25) so that its subscribers can live better the definition of Chilean First Division soccer championship. By December 2017 they had added an additional channel also for the closing of the tournament. In this [...]

Dominican Republic suspends Univision broadcast on Telecable Central

The National Copyright Office (Onda) of the Dominican Republic ruled in favor of the Spanish-speaking Univision channel and ordered cable TV operator Telecable Central to suspend the broadcast of the channel. The North American company filed a complaint for illegal transmission of its channel. The provision of Onda is a “precautionary suspension” informed its authorities, [...]

Brazil’s Algar Telecom of Brazil lost pay TV subs for the third consecutive period

Brazilian operator Algar Telecom reported in its third quarter of 2018 a further drop in its direct-to-consumer segment of pay TV. It lost 5 thousand revenue generating units (RGU), closing the period with a total of 82 thousand. In this way, the Cable and Satellite TV operator recorded its third consecutive quarterly loss, since in [...]

Argentina’s FTA broadcasters claim for the heavy tax burden

Argentine FTA networks requested “lighten the backpack” in relation to the tax scheme, mainly for those that are paid by services of right management. This request was made within the framework of a meeting of the Association of Argentine Broadcasters (ATA), in which the head of the National Communications Agency (Enacom), Silvana Giudici, was present. [...]