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Kölbi TV includes regional channels in its programming grid

Costa Rican pay TV operator Kölbi TV, owned by ICE Group, added national and regional production content to its programming grid through channels like Anexion TV, Nicoya TV, Limon TV, Telered and the Legislative Assembly channel. Kölbi TV brings the best of Costa Rican entertainment with a TV variety that goes beyond the Greater Metropolitan [...]

LN+ expands distribution in Argentina

News channel LN+, which belongs to the Argentine newspaper La Nación, announced that it is now available on Cablevisións Classic Package and Telereds Basic Package. La Nación said that LN+’s goal is “to reach all the analog lineups of the main TV operators in Argentina”. The channel is already available in DirecTV, Cablevisión digital service, [...]

Crackle expands presence in Argentina

Sony Pictures Television Networks Latin America (SPTN Latin America) announced the launch of Crackle, its authenticated SVOD service, on Telered platform. The operators customers will be able to subscribe to Crackle for a monthly fee of AR$ 60 (USD 3.4). For new clients, Telered will offer a promotion with one free month + 2 months [...]

Telecentro se transformó en el operador argentino de TV por Cable con más canales en HDTelecentro is now the Argentine Cable operator with the largest HD offer

La compañía de telecomunicaciones Telecentro extendió su oferta de alta definición a 39 señales en su servicio de TV paga y, así, se convirtió en el operador argentino de TV por Cable que más canales HD le ofrece a sus clientes junto con Telered (también tiene un canal de eventos en HD). Los últimos canales [...]