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Secuoya adds new shareholder

Gala Capital acquired 14% of shares of the Spanish audiovisual group Secuoya, equivalent to 1.13 million shares. The company acquired 11.20% stake to the president of the company, Raúl Berdonés, and another 2.80% to CEO Pablo Jimeno. Secuoya has a capitalization of around 71 million (USD 83 million). The percentage of shares acquired by Gala [...]

Chile’s Canal 13 signs deal with Secuoya

Canal 13 and Grupo Secuoya have signed a consultancy agreement through which the Spanish company is committed to detecting business solutions for the Chilean free-to-air TV channel, which belongs to the Luksic group. The agreement involves the outsourcing of audiovisual services, with the goal to help easing the complicated financial situation of the channel. At [...]

Secuoya gets financing to expand in Latin America

Spains Grupo Secuoya reached a financing agreement that will allow it to get 100 million (USD 123.6 million) that will be used, among other projects, to expand its presence in Latin America. In the region, the company has businesses in Chile, Peru and Colombia, and now concentrates its efforts in expanding into Mexico. The CEO [...]

Secuoya launches new business unit

Secuoya unified its Corporate and Digital areas to launch the new business unit Nexus, which offers brands and customers several solutions, taking advantage of the strength of new technologies, including social networks, as well as virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Eduardo Basarte, head of the area, said that the key is understanding the specific [...]

Secuoya signs deal with Claro TV in Colombia

The Spanish group Secuoya signed an agreement with Claro TV in Colombia for the provision of technical production, journalistic and talent services for the operator’s own television channels. The deal is for a period of three years (renewable) and seeks to enhance and improve all the TV channels, which include Red Más, Claro Sports and [...]

Secuoya reinforces its presence in Latin America

Grupo Secuoya opened a new division for Latin America, with headquarters in Bogotá, Colombia, and appointed Alejandro Samanes Prat as CEO for the region, the company said in a press release. Samanes Prat will be responsible of the consolidation of Secuoya in Colombia, Chile, Peru as well as the expansion in Mexico and Miami. From [...]

Grupo Secuoya named finalist in competition for DTT rollout in Colombia

A consortium led by Secuoya has been named a finalist of the European Union competition for technical assistance and deployment of DTT in Colombia.   Initially, eight companies participated of the process. Secuoya consortium, which also includes Magic Box, CPM and Evoluxer, will compete in the final stage with three other companies: Axion, Baa Consultors [...]

Las españolas Secuoya y EFE fundaron una productora audiovisual en ColombiaSpanish Secuoya and EFE founded an audiovisual production company in Colombia

El grupo de comunicación Secuoya y la agencia de noticias EFE, ambas de España, fundaron una productora audiovisual en Colombia. Cada empresa tendrá el 50% y Secuoya será quien esté a cargo de la administración, pues ya posee productoras en Perú (Imizu) y en Chile (Fábula Televisión). La nueva compañía producirá contenidos informativos audiovisuales y [...]

La española Secuoya continúa su avance en Latinoamérica al ingresar al mercado de TV chilenoSpain's Secuoya continues its advance in Latin America by entering the Chilean TV market

La compañía española de comunicación audiovisual Secuoya sigue llevando adelante su plan de expansión en América Latina. A mediados del año pasado ingresó en la región a través de la adquisición de la productora Imizu en Perú y, ahora, creó en Chile Fábula Televisión junto con la productora local Fábula. “El acuerdo contempla, además de [...]

La española Secuoya ingresó al mercado de TV en Perú y planea ir por Chile, Colombia y MéxicoSpain's Secuoya entered the TV market in Peru and is planning to go to Chile, Colombia and Mexico

La compañía española Secuoya ingresó al mercado de TV latinoamericano con la adquisición de la productora de TV Imizu. El plan del grupo europeo que genera contenidos audiovisuales y ofrece servicios de marketing y comunicación es extenderse rápidamente por la región y ya señaló que sus próximos destinos serán Chile, Colombia y México. “Perú es [...]