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Five sports websites in Ecuador are blocked because of illegal streaming content

The Ecuadorian National Intellectual Rights Services (Senadi) ordered to block five websites belonging to RojaDirecta, a platform focused on broadcasting sporting events, according to what the entity informed in an official statement, where it stated to have found several elements to determine an alleged violation of intellectual property rights, through networks re-broadcastings without the owners [...]

Popular pirate site Rojadirecta ordered to cease operations

A court in La Coruña, Spain, ordered the site Rojadirecta, very popular in Latin America, to cease immediately its transmissions of soccer matches for violating intellectual property rights. In this way, the court accepted the lawsuit filed by Mediapro and GolT. Thus, Rojadirecta must stop providing the links that give access to the transmissions of [...]

La liga de fútbol de España frena a RojaDirecta, uno de los principales sitios ilegales de streaming de deportes en LatinoaméricaSpain's soccer league puts a stop to RojaDirecta, one of the main illegal sports streaming websites in Latin America

La Justicia de España ordenó que el sitio RojaDirecta (www.rojadirecta.me) elimine todos los links que posee de streamings de partidos de la liga española de fútbol en un plazo de siete días. La página web ofrece un índice de transmisiones ilegales por streaming de eventos deportivos, el cual es uno de los más utilizados en [...]