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Peru makes changes on its DTT migration plan

The Peruvian Transport and Telecommunications Ministry (MTC) published the N° 1147-2019-MTC Ministerial Resolution, which aims to make changes on the DTT implementation Master Plan in the country, in order to make an adequate DTT transition. The decision is aimed to change the analog broadcast network for the Territory I (Lima and Callao), from the end [...]

Peruvian pay TV operators which broadcast illegal content will lose concession

Peruvian Customs Crimes and Fight Against Piracy Commission (CLCDAP) which is chaired by that countrys Ministry Production, reported that the Transport and Communications Ministry (MTC) will remove its concession to those pay TV operators who broadcast illegal content, as stipulated in Supreme Decree N° 015, published by the entity last May 28th. The previous mentioned [...]

Perú otorga más plazo a los canales de TV para que comiencen a emitir en digitalPeru grants more time for TV channels to begin transmitting digital signals

El Ministerio de Transportes y Comunicaciones (MTC) de Perú postergó la fecha límite que obliga a los canales de TV a emitir en digital. El plazo se extendió cinco años, por lo que el Territorio 1 (Lima Metropolitana y Callao) que debía iniciar sus transmisiones en digital en el segundo trimestre de 2014 recién tendrá [...]