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Metrotel launches comprehensive solution for transporting high quality videos

Metrotel, a telecommunications business that provides services to leading companies in Argentina, presented its Video Matrix, a new comprehensive on demand, stand-alone  and easy to implement solution for transporting high quality videos. It is a new technology that allows the user, which may be the headend, the channel,  cable or production company to hire according [...]

Metrotel launches its new video matrix

Argentinas telecommunications company Metrotel, which offers solutions to the corporate market, presented its new video matrix, a product that offers on demand connectivity, in a cloud modality, based on the client’s requirements. The solution was presented in Buenos Aires by Germán Garay, COO of Metrotel, who highlighted that the video matrix generates dynamic connections at [...]

Metrotel and Iplan rule out offering own TV service, want to make their networks available to other operators

Germán Garay, CTO of Metrotel, and Damián Maldini, general manager of Iplan participated in NexTV Series Argentina, where they detailed their business plan in the new competition scenario. Both executive were part of the panel called “Fiber to the home (FTTH) and new video services”. Garay said they are “in a very large expansion process” [...]