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Izzi adds Netflix subscription to its new packages in Mexico

Mexican telecommunications company Izzi announced an agreement with Netflix to add the OTT subscription to the new companys packages included in its catalog. The Izzi Unlimited offer, which includes telephony and broadband internet and access to all Izzi TV contents -from live channels to VOD- will now include direct access to Netflix with the same [...]

Cadena H expands itself in Mexico and joins Izzi

The pay TV channel Cadena H has joined Mexican Izzis programming and expands its reach in that country. It will also make changes in its programming to consolidate its family offer in pay TV systems. The TV network is already located on Izzis channel 75 in Mexico City and the Metropolitan Area. Our intention is [...]

Real Madrid TV is available in Mexico through Izzi

Mexican pay TV operator Izzi informed that it already has the official Real Madrid channel available to its subscribers. The network is called Real Madrid TV, and it is on the operators 504 (SD) and 899 (HD) channels from last Friday, April 12th, with a 24-hour programming and without any subscription cost. Into its most [...]

Izzitv includes Netflix app in Mexico

Mexican telecommunications company Izzi announced Netflixs app will be available for all clients who have hired Izzitv. The company clarified that none of its products includes its integrated subscription to Netflix and, to get access to its content, clients must be subscribed to the OTT. According to Netflix, it is an application similar to the [...]

Izzi launches exclusive sports channel

Mexican triple play operator Izzi (Televisa) announced the launch of the new sports channel Afizzionados, which will be available from the first week of July exclusively for subscribers. It will include contents of Liga MX and national and international sports. Afizzionados will broadcast the home games of Tigres, as well as special programs dedicated to [...]

Roku returns to stores in Mexico

The order blocking the sale of Roku devices in Mexico has been temporarily suspended last week by a federal Court, local media reported. The commercialization of the streaming media player had been suspended after Cablevisión (Televisa) obtained a blocking order alleging theft of content. Roku’s general counsel Steve Kay said the company “is pleased with [...]

Televisa will increase pay TV subscription fees due to inflation and exchange rates

Beginning in October 2016, Televisa will increase the prices for its basic pay TV packages due to the current devaluation and inflation in Mexico.   According to newspaper El Universal, Televisa subsidiaries Izzi, Cablevision, Cablemas and Telecable will adjust their prices next month.   Last Tuesday Izzi subscribers received a notification of a 4% increase [...]

Televisa de México lanza Izzi en Monterrey pero mantiene la operación de TVIMexico's Televisa to launch Izzi in Monterrey, but will keep the TVI operation

La compañía mexicana de telecomunicaciones Televisa anunció el lanzamiento de Izzi Telecom en la ciudad de Monterrey, con servicios de TV paga, telefonía e Internet. Según le explicaron desde la empresa a NexTV Latam, la marca TVI (también conocida como Cablevisión Monterrey), también de Televisa, seguirá operando de la misma manera que como lo venía [...]

Televisa de México lanza un nuevo canal de compras por TVMexico's Televisa to launch a new TV shopping network

La compañía mexicana de medios Televisa lanzó un nuevo canal de compras por TV al que denominó CJ Grand Shopping. Se podrá ver en dos semanas a través de los operadores de TV paga Izzi, Sky (en los dos primeros Televisa tiene participación mayoritaria) y Megacable. “En este nuevo canal se anunciarán marcas exclusivas y [...]