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Telefónica Media Networks to manage ad sales of Peruvian soccer channel

Telefonica Media Networks announced an agreement with Consorcio Fútbol to commercialize the advertising spaces during the broadcasts of the first division of Peruvian soccer tournament, which is available through pay TV channel Gol Perú. The agreement will allow the company to commercialize the advertising of all the matches of the tournament, called Copa Movistar, and [...]

Latina to broadcast Peruvian soccer league

Peruvian free-to-air TV channel Latina (canal 2) signed an agreement with Gol TV, the owner of the TV rights, to broadcast 54 games of the national soccer league, starting on April 23. Latina obtained the rights to broadcast the domestic tournament, called Campeonato Descentralizado, over the next five years for USD 15 million. “Gol TV [...]

Movistar to launch Gol Peru channel in its Pay-TV grid for the exclusive broadcast of the local soccer tournament

  Pay-TV operator Movistar TV (Telefonica) of Peru will launch on April 1st the new Gol Peru channel, where all the matches of the local professional soccer Decentralised Tournament will be broadcasted.   At present, the games can be watched on Pay-TV channels CMD (Media Networks, Telefonica) and Gol TV (Tenfield). Some matches are also [...]