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Entel launches IPTV in Chile

Chilean telecommunications company Entel has launched IPTV, broadband and telephony services through its new FTTH network, available in the capital, Santiago. This way, the company strengthens its offer for the residential market. The basic IPTV plan includes 74 channels (48 in HD) and integrates access to Netflix and Youtube. In addition, the service includes catch [...]

Entel expands fiber network in Bolivia

Bolivian National Telecommunications Company (Entel) has extended the coverage of its FTTH network to more cities. Recently, Entel announced the launch of the service in Chuquisaca, Potosí and Cochabamba states. Entel’s fiber optic network is already available in Monteagudo (Chuquisaca), Tupiza, Uyuni and Villazón (in Potosí) and in Villa Tunari, Shinahota, Chimore, Ivirgarzama and Entre [...]

Bolivia’s TKSAT-1 provides free-to-air channels to 150,000 households

Iván Zambrana, director of the Bolivian Space Agency (ABE), said that there are currently 150,000 households receiving the free-to-air channels provided by the Túpac Katari (TKSAT-1) satellite, as well as another 30,000 accessing the service of the National Telecommunications Company of Bolivia (Entel). The TKSAT-1 offers 25 channels and an equal number of free national [...]

Entel’s Q1 pay TV revenue up 26%

Telecommunications company Entel Chile has presented its Q117 report in which it registered pay TV revenues of Ch$ 7.95 million (USD 11.7 million), up 26% (in local currency) compared to same period last year. The company reached 131,000 DTH subscribers. Consolidated revenues during the quarter reached Ch$ 477.0 billion (USD 660 million), a 3% increase [...]

Entel’s Q2 pay TV revenues up 24% year-on-year

  Telecommunications company Entel from Chile has presented its Q216 report in which it registered Pay-TV revenues for Ch$ 6.89 billion (USD 10.3 million), up 24% (in local currency) compared to same period last year.   In turn, the company reported 114,000 pay TV RGUs, a 30% increase when compared to Q215, and a 4.6% [...]

Entel from Chile will updated its mobile app to watch soccer matches of the national team in 360º live

  Telecommunications company Entel from Chile announced that it will launch a new tool for its mobile device app that will allow access to live video streamings with 360º technology for the qualifying matches for the Russia 2018 World Cup of local soccer national team, informed website Terra.com.   Developed by the local technology company [...]

Entel Group had revenues of USD 9.4 million and 109,000 Pay-TV accesses in Chile and Peru at 1Q 2016

  Telecommunications company Entel Group from Chile presented its earnings call for the first quarter of 2016 in which it registered Pay-TV revenues in that country and Peru for USD 9.4 million, i.e. 19% more (in local currency) than in the same period of 2015, and an increase of 25% in subscribers by reaching a [...]

HBO offers its high definition channel to Pay-TV customers with basic HD packages in Chile

  American broadcaster HBO (Time Warner) announced through a press release that it made available also the HD version of its flagship channel for Pay-TV customers with basic HD packages in Chile.   HBO already offers its main channel in standard quality (SD) for basic services in operators Claro, Movistar, Entel and VTR. The rest [...]

Entel of Bolvia multiplied by five its DTH subscribers in 2015

  The National Telecommunications Company (Entel) of Bolivia fivefold the number of subscribers of its Satellite TV service during 2015, going from 5,113 to 24,478, informed local newspaper La Razon.   The DTH service was originally launched in 2009 but was later re-released in mid-2014 through the national satellite Tupac Katari (Tksat-1). Entel plans to [...]

AMC channel is launched on Entel’s grid in Chile

  US programmer AMC Networks International (AMCNI) Latin America announced through a press release that its flagship channel was added to the grid of Pay-TV operator Entel from Chile in its high-definition (HD) format.   “This agreement not only allows Entel to strengthen its offering with an innovative channel that in a very short time [...]