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Venezuela adds DTH and loses pay TV subscribers

According to the figures telecommunications field report at the end of the second quarter 2018, presented by the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel), Venezuelan pay TV  recorded 4,651,707 subscribers. These number means a 2.84% decrease in relation to the number of subscribers in the second quarter of 2017, which amounted to 4,787,451. The report mentions that, [...]

CANTV’s DTH service launches HD channel

La Tele Tuya (TLT) has become the first channel in HD quality to launch on CNTVs DTH service in Venezuela. It is available on channel 602 of the operators lineup. “Today we take a new step by becoming the first Venezuelan channel to broadcast in HD, 24/7 through CANTV Satelital” the company said through a [...]

Conatel calls on pay TV companies to provide quality services

The National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) of Venezuela is holding meetings with pay TV companies to monitor and evaluate the service they provide at the national level. The regulator said on its website that CANTV has already attended its meeting, as well as executives of SuperCable, while Intercable was called for next week. In the case [...]

Cantv moves forward with its fiber optic network in Venezuela

  The state-owned telecommunications company Cantv from Venezuela has completed the construction of 5,700 Km of fiber-optic network, of which 4,700 Km are already lit with 176 nodes serving 15,000 subscribers. This initiative is part of Eighth Project of Universal Telecommunications Service (Opsut in Spanish), promoted by the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel).   In the second [...]

Pay-TV in Venezuela grew relatively in 2015 despite the national economic contraction

  The National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) of Venezuela presented a report for the fourth quarter of 2015 in which it registered that the Pay-TV market in that country grew relatively by 10.54% annually (in local currency), with an increase in operating income of 14.4%.   The set of subscription TV operators totaled 5,019,597 subscribers, 478,768 [...]

Cantv of Venezuela removed 13 international signals from its Satellite TV service

  Compania Anonima Nacional de Telefonos de Venezuela (Cantv) removed without a previous announcement up to 13 sports and entertainment international channels from the grid of its Satellite TV service, informed local newspaper El Nacional.   According to user complaints made via social network Twitter, it was unveiled that the company had replaced a fraction [...]

Cantv of Venezuela finally launched its IPTV service

  The National Anonymous Telephone Company of Venezuela (Cantv) finally released on March 29th its  IPTV service announced almost two years ago, in May 2014, informed the local website Con-Cafe.com. It will also offer new internet plans of 8 and 10 Mb.   The IPTV service will offer a Basic Plan with 52 TV and [...]

Venezuelan DTH Cantv to give national coverage to the Iranian channel HispanTV

  The Iranian public television network HispanTV, dedicated to broadcasting news and entertainment in Spanish, will have national coverage in Venezuela by being incorporated into the grid of DTH Cantv. The channel was previously present in regional operators.   The signal will occupy channel 307 of the programming of the Venezuelan public satellite TV operator, [...]

Cantv de Venezuela anunció que su servicio de TV paga superó los 800.000 hogaresCantv of Venezuela announced its Pay-TV service exceeded 800,000 households

La Compañía Anónima Nacional de Teléfonos de Venezuela (Cantv) anunció en un comunicado de prensa que su servicio de TV Satelital se encuentra presente en 843.047 hogares en ese país debido a las prestaciones del satélite Simón Bolivar. A principios de este año, Cantv había informado que su objetivo para 2015 era activar la señal [...]