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Fox to broadcast one The Simpson’s season per day during May in Latin America

Between May 1st and 29th, Fox will broadcast the Simpsons Total binge watching in Latin America. The channel with put on air a daily season of the series, which plans to launch its thirtieth one in June throughout the region. With the binge watching, the Simpsons fans in Latin America can enjoy the 639 episodes [...]

Netflix began to include advertisements in its service

The US OTT platform Netflix began a few days ago to add advertisements in its service. This news already caused the discomfort of many users, who made it known through social networks. It is unknown if this change will come around the world. In this start, there are only recommendations of Netflix’s productions and only [...]

TNT Series se lanza en Latinoamérica con foco en estrenos y consumo binge watchingTNT Series' Latin American launch will focus on premieres and binge-watching

La productora y distribuidora Turner lanzó el nuevo canal TNT Series para América Latina con foco en los estrenos y en el consumo binge watching. Además de contar en su programación con el debut para Latinoamérica de las mejores series del prime time de Estados Unidos y Europa, propondrá maratones los fines de semana para [...]