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AYM Sports adds Cinfo’s video solutions for sports coverages

The Spanish company Cinfo ran an agreement with the Mexican sports channel AYM Sports for the development of Tiivii, its intelligence video production technology in the cloud, which will allow the American Football Premier League and the Basketball ABE League to be recorded, developed and remotely broadcast in real time.  The agreement will allow AYM [...]

El OTT VivoPlay de Venezuela suma canales de la distribuidora Alterna TV de Estados UnidosOTT VivoPlay from Venezuela adds channels from the American distributor Alternate TV

El OTT VivoPlay de Venezuela anunció que llegó a un acuerdo con la distribuidora estadounidense Alterna TV para incorporar a su oferta los canales deportivos PX TV, Latin American Sports y AYM Sports. PX TV es un canal dedicado a los deportes extremos, AYM Sports tiene contenido de México y Latin American Sports se especializa [...]