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Telecom Argentina prioritizes Docsis over copper

During a press conference held within the framework of the 2018 International Telecommunications Seminar (SIT in Spanish), Telecom Argentinas CTO, Miguel Fernández, said that the new company will use Cablevisións HFC network – and Docsis technology – in those cities where it overlaps with Telecoms copper network. “It is a city-to-city strategy, where there is [...]

Telecom Argentina offers three months of Netflix free of charge to its mobile and broadband customers

  Telecommunications Company Telecom Argentina (Fintech) launched a promotion offering three months of free access to the US OTT Netflix to all of its mobile (Personal) and broadband (Arnet) customers.   In a press release, Telecom informed that the promotion is valid for customers who purchase a mobile line with Personal Black plan for USD [...]

El 65% del tráfico de Internet de Telecom Argentina corresponde a video65% of Telecom Argentina's online traffic belongs to video

El Director de Proyectos de la compañía argentina de telecomunicaciones Telecom, Martín Ortiz, reveló en el NexTV Summit South America 2015 (13 y 14 de mayo en Argentina) que el 65% del tráfico total de Internet que circula por la red de la operadora corresponde a consumo de video. “En 2010 ese porcentaje era del [...]