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Pay TV subscribers in Brazil fell 5% in 2017

After several months without official information, Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) released data on the pay TV market in the country. The subscriber base ended 2017 with 17.9 million, this is equivalent to an annual fall of 4.99% (close to 939,000 active contracts), and a drop of 0.70% from November (126,000 subscribers). According to the [...]

Rio de Janeiro readies for digital TV

The president of Brazil’s National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), Juarez Quadros, delivered in Rio de Janeiro the 700,000th TDT kit, which are being distributed to beneficiaries of the governments social plans. Quadros confirmed that Rio de Janeiro and 17 other municipalities will switch off analogue TV on October 27. In total, 1.25 million kits will be distributed [...]

Anatel postpones decision on Oi’s licenses

Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) decided to delay the decision on the opening of a process to analyze the expiration of telecom company Ois operating licenses, which is under judicial recovery. The regulator had scheduled the analysis for Thursday, September 28. The decision to postpone the process was announced after Oi was able to adjourn [...]

Anatel to decide on future of Oi’s concessions

Brazilian telecom regulator Anatel announced that it will analyze the opening of a procedure to decide the possible expiration of the concessions of the telecommunications company Oi, which filed for bankruptcy in mid-2016. In a statement, Anatel reported that the proposal to carry out this process, which includes the measures to be taken in case [...]

Anatel issues Sky Brasil with temporary Time Warner information exchange ban

Brazil’s National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) approved a precautionary measure to prevent SKY Brasil  from participating in business with Time Warner until the regulator expresses its position on the merger with AT&T (which owns the DTH operator). The decision includes prohibition of agreements and contracts with direct or indirect transfer of information with competitive significance on [...]

Brazil lost more than 136,000 pay TV subs in May

According to data provided by Brazilian regulator Anatel, the countrys pay TV base lost 136,787 subscribers (-0.73%) in May compared to previous month and recorded 18.64 million. In the last twelve months, the market lost 262,565 customers (-1.39%). Of the groups reported by the regulator, Oi showed the highest growth, both in May in the [...]

Brazil’s pay TV lost over 171,000 subscribers in April

Brazilian regulator Anatel reported that in April, the pay TV market lost 171,233 subscribers (-0.90%) compared to previous month. In the last 12 months, the reduction was 147,471 subscribers (-0.78%). The total base registered 18.76 million clients. Oi posted the highest growth, both in April and the last 12 months: 1.63% and 15.78%, respectively. The [...]

Brazil moves forward analogue switch-off deadlines

Brazil’s National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) announced that the analogue switch-off in Goiânia and 28 other municipalities, scheduled for May 31, will be extended until June 21. According to the president of Anatel, Juarez Quadros, the deadline was extended because it was not reached the 90% of digitalization required to finish the process. . According to data [...]

Anatel receives complaint on exit of free-to-air channels from pay TV

Brazil’s National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) reported in a press release that it has received a complaint from the National Consumer Defense Institute (Inadec) about the interruption of the free-to-air TV channels Record TV, SBT and RedeTV! from the main pay TV operations. Anatel said it has already notified the pay TV companies about this complaint [...]

Arsat wants to enter the Brazilian market

The president of the Argentine telecommunications company Arsat, Rodrigo De Loredo, met last week with Juarez Martinho Quadros, president of Brazil’s National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) in order to analyze possibilities to provide satellite services in that country using Arsat-2 satellite. At the meeting, De Loredo expressed the intention of Arsat to enter the Brazilian market [...]