Sling TV adds new Spanish-language regional package

Sling TV, the live and on-demand streaming TV service, expanded its Spanish-language offering with the introduction of “Centroamérica,” a new regional package including networks from Central American countries, such as El Salvador, Guatemala and Costa Rica, among others.
Centroamérica is available for USD 10 per month when purchased on a standalone basis, or USD 5 per month when combined with “Sling Orange,” “Sling Blue” and/or any Spanish-language service from Sling TV. The package includes CB24, Centroamerica TV and Tele El Salvador. Additional channels will be added to Centroamérica in the future.
“Sling TV continues to lead the way in offering the most robust Spanish-language options at an industry-leading price, with the ability to choose programming from a specific region, language or genre,” said Jose Romero, general manager of Spanish-language marketing for Sling TV. “The addition of Centroamérica allows customers from Central America to easily connect with programming from home alongside their favorite programming from the U.S.”