Sky stops offering free-to-air channels to Sky Livre’s clients

Due to the analog switch-off process that is taking place in the country, clients of Sky Livre service, offered by Sky Brasil (AT&T), are no longer accessing some free-to-air TV channels that were part of the offer, free of charge.
Folha de S.Paulo newspaper published last week a letter from a reader who claimed to have bought an antenna of that service, but could only access one channel. The operator responded that the FTA channels have moved towards digital technology, so it is necessary to pay for access.
The Sky Livre service provides an antenna to watch FTA channels, free of charge, and pay TV channels, in a pre-paid model.
Several consumer protection organizations have already received complaints about this issue, since the digitalization process started, which in Brazil is carried out by cities.
Given this, Sky released a statement in which it explained that “with the change of technology and the change in the legislation, the analog signal is being turned off and the transmission of the digital signal stopped being free, consequently, the consumers who have the Sky Livre product may lose the signal of some stations.”
In Brazil, analogue FTA TV channels are distributed in C band, so it can be accessed through a parabolic antenna. However, the frequency used (3.5 GHz) is the same used for the deployment of 5G, and this raises technical problems and interferences.