Sky Mexico boosts Televisa’s Q2 sales


The Mexican telecommunications company Televisa presented its report for the second quarter of 2016 in which it highlighted the solid growth in Sky revenues, “their fastest pace of growth since 2012”.


Televisa’s net sales increased by 12.1% to USD 1.24 billion. This increase was mainly attributable to revenue growth in Sky, but also in Cable and Content segments.


Compared with the same period of 2015, Sky’s second quarter sales increased by 18.1% to USD 296 million. According to the company, this increase was driven by an accelerated growth in the subscriber base in Mexico. During the quarter, the active subscriber base added 121,235 clients reaching 7.8 million. The number include 201,356 clients of Sky in Central America and Dominican Republic.


In turn, sales in Cable segment increased by 12.9% to USD414 million, driven by the growth in all cable platforms. On the other hand, Second-quarter sales in the Content segment growth 11% to reach USD466 million.