Secuoya reinforces its presence in Latin America

Grupo Secuoya opened a new division for Latin America, with headquarters in Bogotá, Colombia, and appointed Alejandro Samanes Prat as CEO for the region, the company said in a press release.
Samanes Prat will be responsible of the consolidation of Secuoya in Colombia, Chile, Peru as well as the expansion in Mexico and Miami. From the new office in Bogota, he will seek to expand the two main lines of the company’s business: services and content.
Currently, Secuoya has an alliance for TV production with Chileno Fábula Group, the result of which Fabula TV has been created and currently develops projects in Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico.
In Colombia, the group has an agreement with Agencia Efe, in Peru it leads, among others, one of the leading programs of América TV, “Mujeres sin filtro”, and is consolidating its business in Mexico.