Secuoya adds new shareholder

Gala Capital acquired 14% of shares of the Spanish audiovisual group Secuoya, equivalent to 1.13 million shares. The company acquired 11.20% stake to the president of the company, Raúl Berdonés, and another 2.80% to CEO Pablo Jimeno.
Secuoya has a capitalization of around €71 million (USD 83 million). The percentage of shares acquired by Gala Capital is valued at €10.7 million (USD 12.5 million). According to Cinco Días, Alantra will continue as the largest shareholder with 56.2%, the management team of the company (Berdonés and Jimeno) will keep 25% and then Gala Capital 14%.The remaining 4.8% is listed on the stock exchange.
The agreement comes after the announcement that Netflix will launch its first European production hub in Madrid, located at the Ciudad de la Tele (TV City), the campus developed and managed by Grupo Secuoya. The Spanish company is present in Latin America and already has signed agreements with Claro in Colombia and Canal 13 in Chile, among others.