Second Bolivian satellite to offer more capacity

Ivan Zambrana, director of the Bolivian Space Agency (ABE in Spanish) said that the new Bolivian satellite will have a capacity 10 times bigger than the Túpac Katari satellite, since it will have more than 10,000 MHz of bandwidth, reported La Razón.
Currently, the new satellite is in the process of being approved. “A project of this kind requires a thorough study and time. It is a telecommunications satellite with HTS technology and will have a capacity at least 10 times bigger than the Túpac Katari satellite,” the executive said.
Zambrana recalled that the Túpac Katari has 1,200 Mhz a bandwidth. Thus, with greater capacity, the new satellite may offer services at a lower cost than its predecessor.
The Túpac Katari satellite was launched in December 2013 and started commercial services in April 2014. So far, it has more than 70% of its capacity occupied. In the first semester, its services generated more than USD 13 million in net income for the ABE.