RTVCPlay to launch new original content


Colombian free access OTT service RTVCPlay will launch new original content, which will be added to the catalog during the second half of 2018, RTVCPlay Director, Rodrigo Holguin Alfaro, told NexTV News Latam.
The executive will participate in the next edition of NexTV Series Colombia & Andean, which will be held on June 7 at the Convention Center of Tequendama hotel in Bogotá. In the interview with NexTV News Latam, Holguin said that “RTVCPlay’s original content offer in 2018 includes a fiction series, a web series, a docureality and two musical documentary formats”, and gave details about the synopsis and duration of the projects, as described below:
-“Actores en línea” (working title) Fiction series (10 x 24 ‘): Who are the contemporary media idols and how big is the gap that separates them from the idols of yesteryear? Following on from that question, RTVCPlay proposes a story that confronts youtubers with the prejudices of a more conservative society, which perhaps has not taken the time to understand them in all their dimensions.
-Free thematic web series (10 x 5-7 ‘): Colombian Youtubers will join producers and production houses to design and produce a fictional web series that revolves around the themes that most appeal to young audiences.
-“Radiolito salva su mundo” (Docureality) (10 x 15′): Radiolito is a music lover alien that can only communicate through songs. In the format of docureality, we will visit different regions of Colombia with his curious and unsuspecting look, and we will discover all the work behind the scenes that soloists and groups of different musical genres must develop to carry out their projects.
-Rockeritos y Matinales Radio Nacional (musical documentaries) (6 x 25’): They are recognized artists and bands in Colombia; You would think that they have lived everything on stage, but what happens when they are asked to confront an audience of irrepressible children who will end up on stage and try to play the instruments? In these specials, produced in partnership with Radiónica and Radio Nacional, we will narrate how, around a concert, a magical experience of encounter between the artists and children who dream of becoming like them.

– What is your target audience?
Although we are called to speak to the same audience of RTVC Public Media System, that is, to all Colombians, RTVCPlay’s original content offer is particularly focused on a millennial audience between 22-35 ages, without neglecting the centenialls between 14 and 21 years old, which is the audience that has reacted most strongly to the youtuber phenomenon. Recurring users of the platform are found in these audience segments.
-How many users does the platform have monthly?
During the last six months, the platform has sustained an average of 13,000 monthly visits.
-Will the service remain free? Are you planning some form of monetization?
The free content is one of the most important attributes of RTVCPlay compared to other streaming platforms, and renouncing it would be an error at this time. On the other hand, we cannot forget that we are the official presence of RTVC, Public Media System, in the world of OTT, and therefore, our content offer must be free for all Colombians and citizens in general. Editorially, although we move in a world crossed by technologies and changes in the ways in which content is consumed, our raison d’être is to deliver a diverse and inclusive country story, developed by the other brands of the media system, as for ourselves as creators. The issue of an eventual monetization, beyond the legal parameters to which we would have to adhere since we belong to a public entity, in no way could depend on a cost assumed by our users.
-What other projects do you plan for this year?
In addition to the creation and development of some very ambitious original contents, in 2018 we want to position ourselves not only as an online screen of the contents of all the brands of the media system, but also as a showcase available for Colombian creators and filmmakers who have been developing very interesting convergent and transmedia projects and maybe have not found an ideal platform for their exhibition. For that reason, we will make a call for products for acquisition, and another for the creation and design of free thematic web series.
-How do you see the streaming market situation in Colombia and what are the distinctive features of RTVCPlay?
The streaming market in Colombia still depends on the offer that TV operators add to their online content packages. Telecommunications companies have also launched streaming platforms, but it is clear that in the country there is still no mass culture of content consumption online. This phenomenon has been segmented mainly in high-level audiences, who can pay through their credit cards for access to Netflix-type platforms. In this scenario, RTVCPlay has two very important advantages: one, the diversity of its contents, since the platform offers videos, podcasts and sound files coming from all the brands of the public media system (Señal Colombia, Canal Institucional, Radiónica, Radio Nacional, Señal Memoria); the other one is the free access.