Roku plans new legal actions to resume sales in Mexico

Roku will initiate new legal actions to resume the commercialization of its devices in Mexico, the company said to El Financiero newspaper. Last month, federal judges in Mexico City and in Torreón, Coahuila, denied the legal actions promoted to revoke the suspension.
According to the company, “the current prohibition harms consumers, the retail sector and the industry.” Roku said it will redouble his efforts in the search for new legal actions, in order to restore sales in the country. Roku also denied that its devices facilitate access to piracy. “Roku does not allow its platform to be used for piracy purposes and, in fact, consistently takes action against piracy through its software and tools, as well as partnerships with other partners in the entertainment industry,”, the company added.
In 2017, Cablevisión (Televisa) filed a civil lawsuit against several individuals and companies Latamel Distribuidora and Compropago, alleging that Roku equipment allowed access to illegal content. In May of that year, the 38th Civil Judge of Mexico City (CDMX) issued a precautionary measure banning the import and sale of the device in the country.