Purga grows in Latam, prepares to expand to Brazil

The SVOD platform Purga, which was launched in August last year and is dedicated to horror movies, has already reached 8,000 paid users in Latin America, said in an interview with NexTV News Latam Sergio Mandelbaum, the company’s general manager. In this way, the service continues its expansion in the region while is preparing new apps for more devices and seeks to integrate into pay TV operators’ OTT platforms.
The official launch of Purga was in August 2017 in Mexico, “one of the largest markets in Latin America but also the largest consumer of horror films in the world,” said the executive during the interview in the framework of NexTV Series Argentina. For its launch, the company made an agreement with Macabro Festival.
The service is also available in Argentina, Colombia, is “starting in Chile and the next step is Brazil,” said Mandelbaum. This implies expanding the rights -which the company currently has for the rest of Latin America- in addition to subtitling the contents. The executive estimated that the arrival to the Brazilian market could be completed in March of next year as they are still “analyzing the market and seeking alliances”.
Mandelbaum said that in a first stage, Purga focused on acquiring customers through digital advertising on Facebook and Google, and through alliances and marketing actions at horror film festivals. “People are interested because they are fans and you are telling them: We are the Netflix of horror movies”.
Now, in a second stage, the company will focus on adding its platform into the OTT offers of pay TV operators. “I think that this is more difficult for a vertical service because you work with a smaller market, with a much more specific content, so the operator has to validate first that adding this type of niche services really helps.” However, the executive considered that “we are in a process where everything is being changing, so it is only a matter of time”.
Purga is also preparing applications for Smart TVs, which will be available in the next months for some brands, but also the idea is to have apps for other devices such as Roku, Xbox, among others, since it is something “basic that users are asking for”.
Purga SVOD platform was launched by Snap, a leading independent distribution company founded by Ariel Tobi. Recently, the media group Hemisphere announced an agreement to acquire a 75% interest in Snap Global, but this deal did not include Purga.