Private companies against the Uruguayan stated-owned triple play Privadas contra el triple play estatal de Uruguay

Uruguay’s Chamber of Telecommunications submitted two complaints against Cardales Plan, by means of which it is requested that only Antel should be authorized to participate in the project aimed at offering triple play services, thus leaving private operators aside. Movistar, Claro, Dedicado, Ericcson, Globalnet, Motorola, Telefónica, Telmex, Uniotel and Alcatel-Lucent are some of the members of the Chamber of Telecommunications. Telmex was the first company affected by the Uruguayan Government’s measure which revoked the company’s DTH license. 

Cardales Plan is aimed at providing the population with the greatest possible access to telephony, Internet and Pay-TV, but only the state-owned company and Pay-TV operators are allowed to participate. The President of the Chamber of Telecommunications, José Pedro Derrégibus, stated that “we are seeking an equalitarian treatment for all companies which are operating in the country or have intentions to do it”. He assured that telecommunications companies can contribute “in the same manner as in the case of mobile telephony, where a penetration of over the 106% is recorded. This was the result of all companies’, both public and private, intervention”. 

The Chamber submitted a complaint against Decree N