Pirate services stop offering content after police operation in Chile

After the raids carried out by Chile’s Investigative Police (PDI) that resulted in the detention of ten people, users reported on Facebook that popular pirate IPTV service “Megaplay” has lost all its Chilean channels as well as several HD channels. Users also reported that pirate subscription service “IPTV Chile” is down, Alianza contra la Piratería de Televisión Paga said in a statement.
The PDI was assisted by Alianza experts, including Nagra forensic experts and DirecTV in-house investigators. The action resulted in one of the biggest seizures of pirate satellite television equipment ever to take place in South America.
Alianza members celebrated the actions of the police. “This latest seizure is a clear demonstration of how close collaboration between all stakeholders in the fight against piracy can make a difference,” said Pascal Métral, Vice President Legal Affairs of Nagra, and Co-Executive Director of Alianza.
“We want to thank the remarkable efforts of the Chilean police force and will continue to work together with law enforcement across Latin America to oppose online video piracy,” the executive added.
In turn, Marta Ochoa, Assistant Vice President Senior Legal Counsel of DirecTV Latin America, and Co-Executive Director of Alianza said the success of this action “is the result of the high degree of alignment and collaboration among Alianza members, and the outstanding job done by Chilean enforcement authorities.”