Pay TV operators face difficulties in Colombia

The president of the Association of Operators of Information Technology and Communications of Colombia (Asotic), Galé Mallol, said that the industry has been “affected by new technologies” and the emergence of “new competition in not traditional TV”.
In an interview with Portafolio, the executive said that the community TV is a “direct competition” and “do not have the same taxes” as the pay TV operators. “I’m not talking about ending community television, quite the opposite, but if there is an operation that is similar to a traditional cable operator, try to take them to this scheme and monitor them,” she said.
According to Mallol, community operators “are under-reporting, they do not tell the State how many users have and violate the resolution of not having pay TV channels”. “What we have to do is work so that pay TV operators and community TV tell how many users have and try to remove the access charges”.
In addition, Mallol said that platforms such as Netflix and Amazon are “complementary” to pay TV but act as competition because “they do not have any type of regulation”. There are two options: either they regulate them or they deregulate us. Three years ago (these types of platforms) had 250,000 subscribers and today they are almost 1.5 million.”
Mallol will participate as moderator in the executive panel “New competition for pay TV” during the next edition of NexTV Series Colombia & Andean, the conference that will be held on June 7 at the Convention Center of Tequendama Hotel.